Teaching And Defending Creation In The Church

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Teaching And Defending Creation In The Church

Teaching and defending creation in the church is a challenging issue. Perhaps, the first thing we must do, if we are going to address this dire issue at all, is take an honest appraisal of what we are facing. On one level, we are dealing with churches that are increasingly hesitant to take a firm stance on the value of creationism and creation science. Obviously, as we are battered with more and more documents and materials that have been written with an evolutionary bias, we would want our church to be the safe space we so desperately need. Yet in many cases, this is tragically not the case.


Defending Creation

All of this brings us to the second issue. That would be the lack of strong church leadership on the subject of creation vs evolution. This is why we have the first problem mentioned above to begin with. If your pastor isn’t going to take up the cause, owing to any number of possible reasons, how can the rest of the church be expected to follow?


Believe it or not, but you are not helpless. On the subject of teaching and defending creationism in church, you will discover that there are many remarkable things you can do. True, powerful change is not only possible, but it is also something that begins with you.


Why Isn’t Creationism Being Taught And Defended In My Church?

As we mentioned earlier, poor leadership is ultimately to blame for creationism not being taught or defended in the churches. This doesn’t make your pastor a bad man, or even a bad pastor. Nonetheless, it is something that we need to deal with. In many situations, a lack of defense for creationism comes down to a lack of information and understanding on the part of your pastor.  Frankly it also comes down to whether or not you are attending a true Bible-believing church. Some churches like Universal Church of the Kingdom of God have always been out in front of this issue and never backed down or took a weak stance on the subject; others, not so much.


It is crucial to remember that Genesis is meant to be taken as the literal word of God. This is how we build our foundation for everything else The Bible has to offer. If your pastor doesn’t believe this, or believes that The Bible can be adjusted to fit “modern” sensibilities, then you have a problem. On the other side of things, you have members of your church with a strong understanding of science, but with perhaps some conflicted ideas about evolution.


What needs to happen is that the community of your church must come together. Talk to your pastor about the need to teach and defend creation in your church. Help them to remember that Genesis is the one and only true account of where we come from. This understanding and reassessment of faith can then be connected with those who perhaps have the background in science that your pastor lacks to tackle this issue with a better ability to see the true story of our creation. From this foundation, it is likely that your pastor will be filled with a new resolve. Support and encouragement will move breathlessly and easily throughout the community of your church. Your church will then be firmly on the right side of history.

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